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1940's Wedding~Orange County Makeup Artist

We've officially entered the holiday seasons ya'll! I had to say ya'll, I spent Thanksgiving with my sweet nephew who lives all the way in Texas! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with holiday spirit, yummy food, and great friends and family.  Now onto the reason that I opened my computer this morning, I had to share Sascha's beautiful 1940's wedding with you! 

Glamorous. That's the word that immediately comes to mind when I think of Sascha's wedding look. Sascha wanted a natural look, something she could feel comfortable wearing all day but was a bit more revved up for her big day.  Airbrush makeup was the perfect fit- it made her blue eyes pop!
Not only did I get to make Sascha look and feel amazing on her wedding day, but her mom also!  You can see where she get's those beautiful blue eyes from! 

Want to hear what Sascha had to say about her Jamie Michele Makeup Artist experience? Click Here!

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Thanks to Sara @ Onelove Photography for her amazing photos! Check them out!


Fall Wedding Makeup~ Orange County Makeup Artist

Who doesn't love fall? The addition of pumpkin spice lattes, cute coats and boots! Fall is definitely in the air and I'm loving all the warm fall colors popping up all around! Especially the ones in Camie's fall wedding. Camie and her beautiful bridesmaids (all fourteen of them!) pulled off the fall colors beautifully and doing their make-up was so much fun! Discounts on bridesmaids makeup given on groups of 4 or more! Book your consultation today


San Diego Winery: San Diego Makeup Artist

Another day, another beautiful bride! Each of the bride's I work with has something special that I love about them.  With Britany I loved her zeal for all things makeup!  Having a bride who loves makeup, especially airbrush makeup and MAC, is such a treat.  Britany had a great eye for her makeup look and  knew what she wanted, so we were able to collaborate seamlessly and create a beautiful look together!  

For Brittany's makeup consultation we created a beautiful look that she was able to wear out that day! Schedule your bridal makeup consultation on the day of your engagement photos, bridal shower, or bachelorette party to get the most out of your bridal makeup package. Like what you see? Hear what Britany had to say about Jamie Michele Makeup Artist here.

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A huge thanks to Arina B Photography for the amazingly gorgeous photos!


Barkley Wedding--Mariner's Church

Wedding season has been in full force with the hustle and bustle of weddings every weekend! Working with Britney was a respite in the midst of madness. Brittany holds the trifecta of brides: she is sweet, easy going, and has beautiful skin, not to mention amazing features! Doing the glamorous, chic makeup that Brittany desired was an easy feat! She has beautiful skin, and the most amazing facial features that make being an Orange County makeup artist fun! 

 The bride and groom met in elementary school; their relationship carried them from kindergarten to an NFL carrier, and now marriage. The bridesmaids were full of excitement to see Britney marry the man of her dreams. 

Stefani Welsh did an amazing job documenting the beauty of this day. Enjoy her photos below! 

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Café Mozart - San Juan Capistrano

Flawless skin, beautiful eyes and an awesome personality? I’m starting to think Bridezillas might be extinct! Okay, okay I’m sure they’re out there but I’ve been so blessed to work with some really great women lately.

Christi is one of those women with a humble confidence that actually shows in her face. As a make-up artist in Orange County that’s a very refreshing quality. She really is the type of client that makes me love my job.

Christi’s obviously stunning but one of my favorite aspects of my career is showing each client that she is stunning too. One of the most valuable gifts a make-up artist in Orange County can give to a woman is a look that makes her think “Wow, I never realized I could look this good!”

When it comes to self-image we can be merciless. It’s my personal goal to help women realize a deeper level of confidence in their own beauty. It’s there and I have the blessed opportunity to help women see themselves as the beautiful creation that they truly are!!!

A HUGE thank you to Amanda Patrice for the beautiful pictures!


Airbrush Makeup Artist Orange County - Jamie Michele